ponedeljek, junij 23, 2014

DIY project: Black&white bowl

One has a lot of time on his/her hands while being without a job. (Quite a popular hobby lately, this job hunting thing, ha? Btw, if you know somebody who is hiring, I'm your (wo)man.) And once you have time, all you need is a simple white Ikea bowl, a black porcelain pen and some imagination.

We have had a plain white Ikea bowl, which we use mostly for salads. It is was nice but, you know, nothing special. So I used a porcelain pen (you can buy one in a crafty store) and followed my imagination.  

When I finished drawing I let it dry for 4 hours. In the end I put it in the oven for 90 minutes at 160 °C and let it cool after (just leave it in the oven). The information on the pen says that is dishwasher safe but since we don't have one, I can guarantee just for hand wash safe. :)

I liked salads before, now I LOVE them. :)