ponedeljek, julij 14, 2014


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ponedeljek, junij 23, 2014

DIY project: Black&white bowl

One has a lot of time on his/her hands while being without a job. (Quite a popular hobby lately, this job hunting thing, ha? Btw, if you know somebody who is hiring, I'm your (wo)man.) And once you have time, all you need is a simple white Ikea bowl, a black porcelain pen and some imagination.

We have had a plain white Ikea bowl, which we use mostly for salads. It is was nice but, you know, nothing special. So I used a porcelain pen (you can buy one in a crafty store) and followed my imagination.  

When I finished drawing I let it dry for 4 hours. In the end I put it in the oven for 90 minutes at 160 °C and let it cool after (just leave it in the oven). The information on the pen says that is dishwasher safe but since we don't have one, I can guarantee just for hand wash safe. :)

I liked salads before, now I LOVE them. :)

torek, maj 27, 2014

DIY project: Side table makeover

I have a really big crush on DIY (do-it-yourself) projects.
1. I always look for things that can be changed improved.
2. I could get some serious money if obsessive-reader-of-DIY-blogs would be a profession.
3. If you ask my dear M about the amount of (awesome) crafty stuff that I have in our tiny apartment he would just roll his eyes.
But why bother just him with my obsession I asked myself? And so I decided to post some of my projects here on my blog and hopefully inspire somebody else.

In the beginning of this year I was coming home from my French lessons and there she was. A little wooden table, left on the pavement for the garbage man to take it away. My heart jumped and  adopted her in a second. She was quite damaged from the rain (I guess she was an outside table in her previous life) and in a serious need of sanding.

And so it began. First a zillion hours of sanding (wave your flabby arms good bye!), followed by two coats of water-based varnish. 

I painted the legs in white and added another coat of varnish to the top part, just to be sure. 

Et voilà, I'm in love!

torek, maj 06, 2014

ponedeljek, april 21, 2014

Easter (food)!

(background theme)

(My Easter eggs.)

 My cute assistant.

Easter bread, made by my mother.

Potica, a traditional Slovenian dessert, made by my awesome mother. If any of you want to make it, you can check the recipe in English here

Potica, narejena s srcem. :)
Potica, made with love. :)

sobota, marec 29, 2014

sreda, marec 26, 2014

Photos from 5. 3. to 19. 3.

Skrit. Hidden.

When you don't want your boyfriend to find out that you are making a tiramisu to surprise him and you have to improvise. 

Dar. Gift.

Skupaj. Together.

Nasmeh. Smile.

Domači jabolčni zavitek vedno pričara nameh na obraz.
A homemade Apfelstrudel always brings a smile on my face.

Muza. Muse. 

 (Sophie Kinsella: Twenties girl)

Avantura. Adventure.

Frustracija. Frustration.

Simetrija. Symmetry.

Sedem. Seven.

Točka. Point.

Pomlad. Spring.

Več. More.

Dvojen. Double.

Sreča. Happiness.

Ukrivljen. Bent.